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City of St Charles SD Lincoln Elementary
Site Upgrades & Interior Alterations
Dickinson Hussman Architects
5/7/2019   2:00 p.m.
5/22/2019   2 p.m.
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City of St Charles SD-West High School
Addition & Renovation to Success Campus
Dickinson Hussman Architects
4/30/2019   10 am
5/16/2019   2 pm
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MET Center Brick Repair
Brick Repair
St Louis County Public Works
5/2/2019   1 pm
5/23/2019   11 am
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St Louis Co Highways and Traffic Standard Drawings
Highways and Traffic Standard Drawings
St Louis County Highways and Traffic
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St Louis Home Consortium 2011 thru 2015
Consolidated Plan
St L County Dept of Planning-Community Development
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White Rogers Affton Community Center
RFQ: Seeking qualified Architectural Firm
St Louis County Parks & Recreation